Mostly in Microsoft products but other applications are available too. Below is just a sample of some of the courses. We also will learn a product, even customized ones, and prepare courses for an extra fee.


Microsoft Excel

Formulas, charts, alignments, sorting, filtering, pivot tables, what-if analysis, protection, formatting, and more.


Microsoft Word

Formatting, layout, mail merge, tables, charts, links, table of contents, and more.


Microsoft PowerPoint

Charts, layouts, animations, transitions, master pages, managing slides, arrangements, and more.


Microsoft Outlook

New, reply, forward messages, storage structure, delayed sending, rules, calendar, contacts, spam control, auto-filing, and more.


Microsoft Publisher

Layout, paragraph controls, hyphenation, text boxes, arrangements, page management, headers & footers, page setup, guides, and more.


Microsoft Windows

File management, installing and uninstalling apps, desktop and taskbar, system tray, device manager, control panel, and more.

Web Programming

Specializing in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, PHP, and MySQL. Processing the user interface content with backend server code managing database content.

Sampling of Our Satisfied Customers


Jerry works like a team of developers. Very much appreciated for all he has done. You’re truly an amazing guy and I have valued you working alongside me over the last few years.

- Ryan Taylor CEO - Bodyshop Booster.

Jerry taught me how to organize and join data to answer questions. I liked that he was patient and able to breakdown concepts in a simpler way. He has helped me to understand SQL better.

- Brittany MySQL Student

Jerry is patient and easily adapts to teach the skills that fit what you seek to master. He demonstrated good grasp of the topics at hand and, more importantly, showcased his ability to provide tutoring regarding the same.

- Joy Html, PHP Student