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GRO Personal Computer Company was founded in 1987 by Gerald R. O'Donnell, Jr. Over the decades, our employees and business partnerships have joined us in the endeavor to be of service to Central Pennsylvania and beyond.

Our focus has always been on the "little person" even though we are contenders in the business world. Prices and services are geared for the "mom and pop" shops, the "novice", and those that are simply intimidated by the computer.

As a contender in the business environment, we have shown that businesses do not have to spend a lot of money to receive great service. Many of our clients come from unsatisfactory experiences with the large computer companies that show little results for a lot of money. In fact, many clients have had no hesitation in redoing the "high cost" project because of our low costs.

Our repeat business and word of mouth referrals show customer satisfaction in many areas, including our willingness to help at a moments notice.

As an instructor for the Harrisburg Area Community College in the Continuing Education department, Kaplan Career Institute, and Keystone Technical Institute, we offer over 10 years of classroom instruction experience. We specialize however in one-on-one sessions of which we have conducted for over 20 years.

We have developed and implemented various programming applications for some key local businesses including but not limited to:

  • Hershey Foods
  • Land-O-Lakes
  • Super Rite/Rite Aid
  • Mack Trucks
  • Jewelry by Christine
  • Susquehanna Rehab Center
  • Amoratech/Moyer's Lock & Security
  • Various state agencies
  • Thus Saith the Lord Ministries
  • Your Community Cares

Look for our computer articles in multiple publications including Your Community Cares, and The Central Penn Business Journal, as well as various "Free Article" web sites.

We have provided professional computer industry services, including helpdesk support for thousands of users for over <% =YEAR(NOW())-1987 %> years. In summary, we are here to help you GROw the cost effective way!