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    March/April 2005

    Microsoft Windows -- Custom Background Image (Wallpaper)

    In many cases when you buy a new computer, the desktop (the first screen that appears when the START bar is visible and you can see the icons for your programs) is usually a picture. And usually the picture advertises the company you bought it from. Or the desktop picture is a dull, solid color.

    How would you like a picture from your camera or a picture on the Internet to be the image on your computer?

    Non-digital Camera: If you have a non-digital camera, you will need a professional to make a computer image. Once they create it, you should receive a CD. Insert the CD into your computer appropriately and then:

    1. Open up the My Computer window. That could be an icon on your desktop or use the Start button.

    2. Double click on the CD drive and locate the picture.

    3. Click on the picture once and then click the Edit menu and Copy command.

    4. Open up the folder called My Documents and go to My Pictures or if you can go there directly, do so.

    5. Then click on the Edit menu and the Paste command.

    Digital Camera: If you have a digital camera, follow the same steps under Non-digital Camera but instead of clicking on the CD drive, locate the camera drive and click on it.

    Internet: Ever find a picture on the Internet that you liked? Well, you can use that for your desktop picture.

    1. Right click on the picture and choose Save Picture As… or if by clicking once on the picture a button bar appears, click on the Save button, which is a picture of a floppy disk.

    2. Then My Pictures should be the folder that appears to save it into. If not, use the Save In entry to specify the My Pictures location.

    Custom Background: Now you are ready for the custom background or wallpaper setting.

    1. Right click anywhere on the desktop.

    2. In the popup menu click Properties.

    3. On the Background tab, click the browse button.

    4. Find the folder called My Pictures if it is not on the screen.

    5. Click the picture in the list and then the Open button.

    6. Click the OK button and you should have your new desktop picture.


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