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    May/June 2005

    Dangers of the World Wide Web (Internet)
    And How To Fight Back

    Pop up ads, spying programs, spam, and viruses make Internet surfing a real concern and even undesirable.

    Pop Up Ads are usually associated with a website you are visiting. This helps pay for the web pages that you are freely enjoying. When you visit a web site, another web browsing window will open with an ad.

    It is one thing to have a pop up advertising a product that is similar to the web pages you have visited, but it is another thing when you have your child seeing dating services with near to nothing covering the bodies of young women and men.

    What you need is a popup blocker.

    Spyware are programs that are copied to your computer without you knowing it. Because you have access to the outside world, the outside world has access to you. When you visit a web page, the contents is copied onto your computer in a temporary Internet folder. What also comes along are spying programs from other sources. These programs range from the harmless but annoying ones that track your Internet activity and formulate an advertisement campaign, but there are also some that steals information. This aids in identity theft. Unfortunately when one spying program gets into your computer, it can and usually does multiply. This slows your Internet experience down and can cost you personally. Getting the following FREE programs will assist in your protection: Ad-aware, Spybot, and Microsoft's AntiSpyware.

    Spam is unwanted E-mails. Giving out your E-mail address to others through online services aids in the spamming. The best way to fight this is to have two E-mail addresses. One is for filling out forms online and another is for personal use that you make sure your friends and families are not to give out without your permission even to send you virtual flowers. Once you are on the spam list, there is no getting off. Now you are left with using anti-spam programs, which are not perfect. Some permit unwanted E-mails while treating good E-mails as spam.

    Viruses are destructive. They attach to people's computers and can send out spam E-mails, send private information to others, or erase things from your computer. Anti-virus programs are a must. Yes, there are free ones available but make sure they are up to date.

    Where To Get the Free Programs?

    You can search the web for the free programs, or visit www.GRO-PC.com and download them from there or click the links to the respective sites.


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