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    January/February 2006

    COMPUTER—Question & Answer

    QUESTION: How do I create columns in Microsoft Word?


    If you have not yet typed the text for the columns, here are the steps using the menus:

    1. Format menu

    2. Columns command

    3. Identify the number of columns

    4. Choose OK

    5. Type the desired text

    6. When done typing, Format menu

    7. Columns command

    8. Specify 1 for the number of columns

    9. Choose OK

    If the text already exists, here are the steps using the menu.

    1. Highlight the desired text to turn it into columns

    2. Format menu

    3. Columns command

    4. Identify the number of columns

    5. Choose OK

    Other things to consider about columns is that while on the screen to specify the number columns, you can specify the amount of space between columns. When you adjust the space between columns, make sure you have the correct setting for Equal column width.


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