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    June 2009

    The Need For A Legitmate Web Site

    If you are already established as a business or trying to start up a new business, one of the first and easiest forms of advertising is the business card. In fact, it is a sure fact that if you do not have a business card, you are hindering the growth of your business. In other words, it is the expected way of doing business today.

    Another expectation is that of a website. If your business does not have a website, many will consider your business to be illegitimate. That is not our conclusion, it is simply a business fact.

    On the Internet, all businesses can appear equal in size. From a website, no one can tell if it is a million employee corporation or a sole proprietor. So what better way for a small business to go up against Goliath. What we would conclude is that it makes sense to advertise on the Internet.

    Did we say advertise? Exactly. That is all the website really is. It is an electronic billboard. Instead of the here and gone roadside billboard ads, you now have a lifetime billboard, as long as you continue to renew the annual cost.

    Now, there are three expenses that you ought to be aware of.

    The first expense is the name. The use of WWW and your name is a big seller. Seeing www.johnsbusiness.com gives the legitimacy the clients look for. Do not be fooled by the free web name where you are a sub name to the main website. Seeing www.freewebsite.com/johnsbusiness just does not have the same affect. At an annual cost of around $10, it is worth being legitimate.

    The next expense is where you will have the website hosted. Hosting is the storing of the website on the Internet. The picture and text has to be somewhere. There are many offers available, but again, be careful of the free options. Having your site hosted at a place where you are the only one displayed is the legitimate step. There are free options for hosting but they put banners across the top, in the footer, and sometimes on the sides. They sell advertising to other companies. So when someone goes to your site, they may see ads for your competitor as well. Or worse, there may be ads for things you cannot morally support. Spend the $90 to $175 annually to get the best results.

    And now for the most expensive piece, the web design. The good news is that it is not an annual cost. It is only a cost as you continue to make changes. Oh, you could create your own by using Microsoft Office or some other program, but unless you just want to put a pretty picture out on the web, one needs to be familiar with web tags, links, CSS, HTML, etc. to really take advantage of the power of the web. And if you want your site interactive, programming is the next step. The number of frustrated people trying to create their own site is numerous. The do it yourself tools just do not always do what you want. A really good site can start at around $1,500 or so and rise rapidly depending upon the bells and whistles you desire.

    Having your site be an E-commerce site adds additional costs, but through that site, you will be able to sell things even while you are sleeping. Make sure you spend the extra money to be able to maintain the items yourself. You need to be able to Add, Edit, and Delete items for sale.


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