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    July 2009

    The Need For An Office Tech

    We depend upon personal computers for just about everything in the office. People would be lost if the computer went down. They would not know where they are to be because their calendar is not accessible. They would not be able to tell the person they will be late because the phone list is on the computer. And then there is the regular activity of using word processing and spreadsheets to actually complete any work.

    Today, the computer has come a long way. Go to a computer store or order through the mail and it comes with SPAM, VIRUS, and SPYWARE protection. Software seems easy to use. Computers are even set up do automatic updates from Microsoft and other products. There is really no need for an office tech position especially when today’s administrative assistant is tech savvy.

    But in reality, such reliance is a false set of hope. Even Rush Limbaugh says it plainly—”You will lose the contents of your computer someday.”

    Usually that happens when it is the most inconvenient time. You may not need a tech position, but you ought to have someone do a routine check of your computers.

    Virus protection is only good when you access the file. In the meantime, the virus hidden in an old document that was not detected between updates of the virus definitions from your anti-virus company can easily be sent on to others in the office or your clients. And if you do a whole system scan, removing the virus is just the fruit of the problem. You need to get to the root of the problem because viruses can regenerate from it’s root, which is not always removed.

    Spyware also has the same problem with the root. It can regenerate and hide inside your system registry. Unless specifically removed, it will always come up time and time again slowing the use of your computer.

    And what do you do with SPAM that keeps changing?

    And do you accept everything from Microsoft Updates? Not every update is a wise choice. Back at the turn of the century, one update disabled features in Outlook. No longer was the Outlook Today available. And to correct the problem required a rebuild of the whole system. Of the latest updates, adding the search tool greatly slows the system.

    And have you looked into your EVENT VIEWER lately? What is that? It is a log of all activity occurring on your computer — good and bad. The warning and bad are items that a tech is to address to keep your computer working properly.

    And speaking of rebuilding and losing the contents of the computer, how expensive would it be to have all your office computers backed up regularly? And if you do not think it is necessary, at the very least the e-mails need backed up, otherwise, you will lose all historical e-mails, calendar activity, and contacts.

    What is the solution? Either become well educated and continue to educate yourself because things change constantly or get a part-time tech person.


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